Take advantage of your surrounds! Photo courtesy of Tim Jordan via Flickr

Traveling the world is something many of us aspire to do, and so is working out to stay healthy. Oftentimes, though, we find it difficult to keep up a training routine on the road due to several changes: 1) Change in Schedule – Most of us have a time set aside for working out in [...]

Places to go for Dental Tourism

http://bostonglobe.com/magazine/2012/10/27/adventures-medical-tourism/llTdoNVmbVsd1XK7BM3epJ/story.html Adventures in medical tourism Putting my money where my mouth is on a trip to Costa Rica. By Kirk Meyer | OCTOBER 28, 2012 NOT LONG AGO I came down with a toothache. This thing hurt like someone was jamming a screwdriver between my tooth and my gum. I would have paid any price, [...]

**This article was authored by Linda Forshaw for Eyeflare. This website provides travel information and advice on for various destinations throughout the world, including San Diego. Enjoy the article and the Good Life. The San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park in Escondido, California offers a thrilling and unique day out for the whole family. The [...]

**This article was authored by Paula Simpson Takamori for Travel to Paradise. This website provides information on all the Hawaiian Islands. Enjoy the article and the Good Life. In case no one told you, Hawaii sun is HOT! Yes, we have lovely trade winds and an ocean to cool you, and yes, we have overcast [...]

**This article was authored by Blog 4 Travell. This website provides information on traveling throughout the world. Enjoy the article and the Good Life. The best one day tour you ever thought of can be from Oahu to Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park. There are a lot of fun and adventure you can have there. You [...]

**This article was authored by International Expeditions, a pioneering ecotourism company. This website provides information on Costa Rica tours and all things Pura Vida. Enjoy the article and the Good Life. Costa Rica is one of the most popular ecotourism destinations in the world, and the 2012 Happy Planet Index (HPI) recently named the Central [...]

**This article was authored by Dahlia Nahome, founder of the Costa Rican Vacation website. Enjoy the article and the Good Life. 1) Costa Rica abolished its army in the 1940s to invest in its peoples education, welfare and environment. 2) Nearly 30% of Costa Rica is protected national parks. 3) Forbes magazine recently voted our [...]

**This article was authored by Meghan Hazen, a writer for the Maui Time food blog, Maui Dish. Enjoy the article and the Good Life. Enjoy all that Ka’anapali has to offer during their first annual three-day Kaanapali Fresh event that provides a delicious and educational experience. On the first night, you’ll be fed by the [...]

Costa Rica is one of Central America's top destinations for ex-pats.

**This article was authored by Jasmine Stephenson, founder of the Jasmine Wanders website. Enjoy the article and the Good Life. Many 9-to-5ers dream of living in an exotic land far away from home, spending long days on the beach, and enjoying a low-stress life. A lucky few have turned this fantasy into a reality. Though [...]

Bringing your own blanket on the plane goes a long way towards a comfortable flight.

**This article was authored by Claire Walter, founder of the Travel Babel website. Enjoy the article and the Good Life. Unless we travel first class on domestic flights, if we want a pillow or blanket, we need to bring our own or (on some airlines) pay to use the airline’s. A few months ago, I [...]

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